Deputy Thomas Wingard

The upstart Chief Deputy in Amarillo


Tommy Wingard was born to be a lawman. His daddy was scalped by Chickasaw injuns, and his mama never recovered. A teenage boy, he headed out of Arkansas (where he was born) for points west, ending up in Amarillo.

Taking up with a lawyer cousin of his, Tommy taught himself to read and learned the law backwards and frontwards. From there, he took to hangin’ out in front of the Sheriff’s office until Masterson gave him a job. Wingard rose up the ranks from there, eventually becoming Chief Deputy.

Tommy Wingard throws himself into his work, and really believes that he can keep the streets of Amarillo clean. He has little patience for dumb scabs like Riggins’ boy, but knows how much his papa has in town. Wingard does have a bit of a grudge against Injuns, and is quick with an insult to any redskin. Anyone who knows his past, obviously, knows why.

Deputy Thomas Wingard

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