Ricky Garcez

A family in Jaegretty Gulch, torn apart under mysterious circumstances.


The Garcez family migrated to Jaegretty Gulch just after the town started booming. While Ricardo Garcez (Ricky, to his friends and neighbors) was unable to procure a mining job, he was able to work as a ranch-hand on one of the nearby cattle ranches.

When the town “busted” several years later, Ricky continued to work as a ranch-hand until he was let go by the Double X Cattle Company. He began farming with his family at that time, on a small plot of land near their homestead.

However, when Mexican banditos took up residence in the now-abandoned Jaegretty Gulch mine, Ricky took it upon himself to arm up and take them out. He has not been seen since.

Ricky is survived by his wife Marlena, his daughter Maria, and his two sons Frederico and Guillermo.

Ricky Garcez

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