Jake Chambers/Gan

A mysterious white shaman, appearing as a child in another reality...


Jake Chambers is nothing if not mysterious.

Sneaking into the PCs camp at night, he induced sleep on most of Reverend Jacobson’s flock before seating himself around their campfire. He introduced himself to the PCs as a wizened shaman, calling himself Gan, decorated with the trappings of the Choctaw Indian nation.

Gan/Jake offered the group a puff of his pipe, which was filled with psychotropic herbs. Using them, the group went “todash”, entering another reality in which Jake appeared in his “truer” form—that of a 10 year old boy, wielding a distinctly marked pistol.

Jake led the PCs through the ruins of the abandoned Cheyenne Mountain complex, following a massive battle. There, they spied upon a meeting of Modred—the spawn of the Crimson King—and The Walkin’ Dude. The PCs were discovered, but managed to escape via a mysterious, pseudo-sentient bullet-train. During the escape, Frank managed to fire a shot from his pistol at Modred, hitting the creature full-on in the face.

Jake was last seen aboard the bullet-train, attempting to “end it’s evil permanently”, after Rev. Jacobson managed to dispel the spirits possessing the bullet-train. It is unknown whether Jake will be seen again.

Jake Chambers/Gan

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