Jenny Garrett

A desperate woman from Alderman's Creek


Jenny Garrett was one of the few people left behind when Leafton was all but erased from the map so many years ago. Rather than migrate to Alderman’s Creek, Jenny and her family stayed on in the ruins of Leafton, hoping to eke out an existence on their own.

Jenny’s husband—a not-so-bright-fellow named Henry—was let go from the nearby logging company, and worked solely in their vegetable garden. Their three children were helpful, but often ill due to malnutrition. Within 3 years, they had died, and Jenny was left alone.

Alone with her grief, Jenny happened upon a stranger namedMaximilian Gant, who gave her a glorious horn, which provided food every day. Jenny fell under his sway, using the Horn of False Plenty to lure the people of Alderman’s Creek to her doorstep.

Jenny was confronted by the PCs as Gant attempted to complete her fall, turning her into a Ravenous Horror. She was liberated through Rev. Elijah Jacobson’s divine intervention, and has since joined his flock as they head north towards Dodge City.

Jenny Garrett

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