Josiah Riggins

A stuck-up, snotty little polecat livin' off his daddy's money in Amarillo.


Josiah ‘Josey’ Riggins is the 28 year old son of Circuit Judge George Riggins.

He’s a tow-headed hombre, with a mouth on him like an armadillo in heat. He doesn’t take crap from any desperado, and leads his own little “gang” in Amarillo. Mostly, Josiah likes to make himself feel big. He takes advantage of his father’s influence (and Sheriff Masterson’s laziness), carrying his .44 around town with him. His sycophants hang on his every word, as long as the whiskey’s flowin’ and the cards are gettin’ dealt.

In Session 1, Josey caught Roxanne Butler cheating at Hold ‘Em, and confronted her. When Frank Corbett came to her defense, Josey’s gang stepped in. Josey was incapacitated under mysterious circumstances during the ensuing fight, and is currently recuperating in the Yellow River Infirmary from busted ribs and a punctured lung.

Josiah Riggins

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