Maximilian Gant

A Dutch Merchant, and owner of "Gant's Sundries and Needful Things"


A Dutch immigrant, Maximilian Gant arrived in Texas several years ago, intending to open a store. He’s traveled from place to place since then, never really settling on a continual location.

He’s set up shop in Alderman’s Creek where he hopes to drum up some business, and make some deals…

As the PCs found out, Gant was, in reality, an evil Servitor of some dark power. Gant traveled from place to place, offering free “gifts” to those around him, which would inevitably lead to destruction.

Gant’s latest gift was given to the bereaved and inconsolable Jenny Garrett formerly of Leafton—an abandoned town near Alderman’s Creek. Jenny received the Horn of False Plenty , which seemed to create a bountiful feast, but in actuality wasted away those who ate from it, eventually turning them into Ravenous Horrors.

Gant was defeated by the PCs at the Leafton Church Social, and the Horn of False Plenty was destroyed. Strangely enough, Gant’s store suffered a mysterious fire while the PCs were facing off with Gant and his Ravenous Horror minions.

As the PCs defeated him, Gant’s form shifted into numerous insects and maggots, scurrying off into the night. Whether Gant will reappear at some point is yet to be seen.

Maximilian Gant

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