Miles Smithton

Barkeep at Amarillo's Busted Mug Tavern and Saloon


Miles Smithton is a stern, bald-headed fella with a waxed handlebar mustache. He owns The Busted Mug Saloon and Tavern in downtown Amarillo. He’s a simple man, who enjoys simple thing—a good cigar, a draft of Texas beer, and a fine steak.

Miles’ bar was thrown into disarray in Session 1, due to a fight between some newcomers to Amarillo and Josey Riggins’ gang, over a game of cards. Nothing was damaged too heavily, and Miles is moving on with his life.

Miles is a bachelor, and doesn’t have any prospects in the lady-folk department. He’s going on 44, so he’s somewhat given up hope on ‘setting down’. He doesn’t care much for prostitutes and the like in his bar, so the entertainment usually consists of poker games and an occasional night of piano-playing by one of his serving girls.

Miles Smithton

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