Col. Nash Travers

A Union Pinkerton Agent, on assignment in Amarillo for reasons unknown.


Colonel Nashville Beauregard Travers is on active duty with the Pinkerton Investigative Agency, working for the United States government. He was assigned an investigation of an area outside of Amarillo, but his cover was blown.

Confederate sympathizers, led by Raybon James Hollis attempted to hang Nash, as the PCs arrived back in Amarillo. The group saved Col. Travers, but George Riggins had taken some confidential documents of his, as well as his Gatling pistol. Offering a bounty of ghost rock and silver, he asked the PCs to regain his items. They did so, efficiently and quickly, recovering his lost documents.

Col. Travers has since left Amarillo for points unknown…

Col. Nash Travers

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