Raybon James Hollis

A Klansman and Confederate extremist living in Amarillo.


Raybon James Hollis was born in Biloxi, Mississippi just as the Civil War began. He grew up as an entitled Southern highbrow, as his parents owned a vast slave plantation. However, when the Confederacy outlawed slavery in 1869, this drove his parents into extreme poverty, as their prime source of income suddenly became very expensive.

Rather than free his slaves, Raybon and his father instead put them to the torch, barring the doors to the slave quarters in the night, then burning the building to ash. The Hollis family then fled west, towards Texas, to start their new life.

Since then, Raybon’s family has since passed on, though his bigotry and hatred of the Union (and the “turncoat” Confederacy, for that matter) has not abated. After he and his gang of hangers-on discovered Union Agent Col. Nash Travers working within Amarillo, they blew his cover with the intent to “lynch that Pinkcoat sum-bitch!”

Raybon was killed by the PCs as they rescued Col. Travers by a shotgun blast to the gut from Francis “Frank God-Damn-It” Corbett. His posse was ripped to pieces by a well-placed zombie summoning, courtesy of Tango Mombasa.

Raybon James Hollis

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