Reverend Paul Ashby

A less-than-moral preacher in Alderman's Creek


Pastor Paul Ashby grew up in Oklahoma, moving to Alderman’s Creek, where he began tending his flock. He’s lived in Alderman’s Creek for the last 15 years, and has become one of the most respected members of the community. While in Oklahoma, Ashby trained under a doctor, but chose not to go to university, choosing seminary instead.

Ashby’s a bit of a libertine, and likes his drink. His brother, John, is a bartender, and Paul is kept well supplied with fine Kentucky bourbon. However, this brings about a bit of Ashby’s dark side. He has a fondness for young women, which the town has all but turned a blind-eye to, as he’s both the reverend and primary doctor in Alderman’s Creek.

When Roxanne Butler attempted to seduce Ashby for information on DeepWater Lake, Ashby took her advances too far and attempted to force himself on her. Roxanne was trapped, but Isabella Morales saved her with a well-placed pistol shot. The bullet destroyed Ashby’s genitalia, leaving him unconscious and bleeding on the floor, and Roxanne safe.

Ashby has since been taken to the town infirmary, where he is comatose.

Reverend Paul Ashby

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