Saebre Shadowblood

A wealthy traveler from Baton Rouge, and the founder of Amarillo.


A disaffected and wealthy Louisianian, Saebre grew up as a freed slave (his parents bought themselves out of slavery) in Baton Rouge. Unsatisfied with the ‘city’ lifestyle, Saebre used a sizable chunk of his family’s fortune to invest in the cattle ranches of nearby Texas.

While the ranches proved to be profitable, it became immediately apparent to Saebre that a town was needed along the Texas Trail to serve as a waystop between Oklahoma and points south. With his fellow investors in the XIT and JA cattle ranches, Saebre was given a land-grant by the Confederacy in 1860, allowing him to begin building the town.

Now in his 60s, Saebre still resides in Amarillo. He’s well-respected and genteel, with a thick French-Louisian accent. He often enjoys sitting on the porch of the town hall with a cigar, sipping Kentucky bourbon.

Saebre is still good friends with his investment partner, Charles Goodnight, and often visits him at the JA Ranch.

Saebre Shadowblood

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