Sheriff Dean Masterson

The current Sheriff of Amarillo...and a no-good, lazy bum.


Dean Masterson is the current sheriff of Amarillo, and has held that post for about 12 years now. That’s about an eternity for a lawman in the Weird West.

In his early days, Masterson did his best to keep the streets clean, enforcin’ the law like it was is job…‘cause it was. Nowadays, he leaves most of the legwork to his Chief Deputy, Tommy Wingard. Wingard’s a young upstart who still has a sense o’ right and wrong, and Masterson’s happy to let him take care of most things.

Most days, Sheriff Masterson’s happy to sit around his office with a bottle of cheap tequila and a cigar or two. He’ll manage to slap on his gun-belt, though, if Wingard gets his panties in a bunch about something.

Word is that Masterson saw something one night, about 4 years ago, that made him lose his nerve. Ever since then, he’s just been gettin’ lazier.

Sheriff Dean Masterson

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