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  • Francis "Frank God-Damn-It" Corbett

    h4. Background Concepts * _“Frank God-Damn-It”_ The one sure route to rile his temper is to call him by his given name, Francis. In one instance, he and his buddy were laying low in a crowded saloon when a loan shark and his gang came in shouting, “We' …

  • Rev. Elijah Jacobson

    Rev. Elijah Jacobson is a priest originally from Independence, MO. He has travelled much and has had a troubled past. Currently, Elijah leads a small group of refugees, some of whom are from Mexico. But what are they refugees of? And are they wandering or …

  • Yukon Cornelius

    Union Soldier turned prospector after the war stopped paying. Easily became addicted to Alcohol and Greed. Everything else you will have to find out later.

  • Tango Mombasa

    Sent west by his voodoo teacher to find a jackalope, Tango left his swampy home near N.O. and will stay away from Louisiana until his teacher calls him back when it is safe for his return. The jackalope is for the teacher's mysterious illness.

  • Roxanne Butler

    _*Background and Concept*_ 1.Raised as a proper Southern lady in New Orleans, LA. As a result, despite her profession, she attempts to carry herself with class. 2.Her mother was from a well-to-do, if slightly strange, family: the Biloxi Whatleys. …