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    h1. The Wild Wiki! Throughout this campaign, information will be divided into the categories below. Feel free to browse, using the links below, or use the search function on the right side of the page. If you're looking for a character--whether PC …

  • Locations

    The following are a list of locations that the PCs have visited (or may visit shortly), as they pursue The Walkin' Man. [[Amarillo]] [[Jaegretty Gulch | Jaegretty Gulch]] [[Jezebel Springs]] [[DeepWater Lake]] [[Alderman's Creek]] [[ …

  • Groups

    Information on various groups (corporations, gangs, families, etc.) will be found here. [[The Riggins Clan | The Riggins Clan]] [[Pinkerton Investigative Agency | Pinkerton Investigative Agency]] [[Reverend Jacobson's Flock | Reverend Jacobson's …

  • Critters

    The various beasties, abominations, undead horrors, and other flora & fauna of the Weird West will be found here. [[Tommyknockers]] [[Ravenous Horrors]] [[Slow Mutants]]