Alderman's Creek

Alderman s creek
Alderman’s Creek is a small logging town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near the Texas/Oklahoma border. It was not the original town founded on this spot—that honor goes to Leafton, a now-ghost town, which was abandoned over 80 years ago.

Alderman’s Creek is home to about 375 people, and currently is suffering from “the wasting hunger”—a plague with no known cause or cure. The latest fatalities include Mrs. Anne Waxburn and her daughter Delia.

There is no real law enforcement to speak of in Alderman’s Creek. Judicial matters are usually taken care of by Reverend Paul Ashby, while arrests and the like are conducted by Mr. Colby Cooper—the foreman at the nearby Big Sky Logging Company.

Alderman’s Creek’s turmoil has only been compounded by the arrival of the PCs. During their investigation into “the wasting hunger”, Roxanne Butler attempted to seduce Reverend Ashby into providing information on DeepWater Lake. Things turned violent when Roxanne attempted to rebuff the Reverend, and Roxanne was nearly raped. Isabella Morales, one of Jacobson’s flock, came to the rescue, mortally wounding Ashby, and helped Roxanne escape.

The PCs continued their investigation into the “wasting hunger”, eventually finding their way to the abandoned ruins of Leafton, several miles outside of Alderman’s Creek. There, they confronted the enigmatic storekeeper Maximilian Gant and destroyed his Horn of False Plenty, which he had been using through the bereaved Jenny Garrett to transform citizens into Ravenous Horrors.

Alderman's Creek

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