“Follow the Walkin’ Man” is written by A.P. Klosky (PlatinumWarlock) for the Wittenberg Role-Playing Guild.

Follow the Walkin’ Man

“Follow the Walkin’ Man” uses the Deadlands: Reloaded setting for the Savage Worlds game system, written by Shane Lacy Henley. Deadlands is an alternate history setting in which our world is not our own. The Civil War waged on for years after 1865, and the Union and Confederacy exist in a tense stalemate between both one another and the Indian nations of the Coyote Confederacy and the Sioux Nations. Steampunk technology is prevalent, following the discovery of “ghost rock”—a mysterious mineral with amazing combustible properties.

Starting in Amarillo, players take on the role of wanderers through the Weird West, as they encounter sorcerous “Hucksters”, malevolent Indian shamen, “Weird” scientists, and both Union Agents and Texas Rangers. All of these lead inevitably, inexorably towards the Black Mesa, the deepest battlefields of the Great Rail Wars, and the mysterious man known as Randall Flagg—“The Walkin’ Man”.

“Follow the Walkin’ Man” adds to this shared world by the inclusion of supernatural elements from Stephen King’s Dark Tower mythos. Other inspirations include Ravenous, The Quick and the Dead, and the works of T.S. Eliot.

Sessions are weekly on Sundays, from 2pm till 6pm. Games will typically be held in 351 Science.

Deadlands--Follow the Walkin' Man

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