Roxanne Butler

Poker playing saloon girl with more than just a card up her sleeve.


Age: 20
Height: 5’6"
Complexion: very fair skinned (sunburns easily), very dark hair, bright green eyes, very attractive/exotic.
Character Flaws: loud mouthed, stubborn, very honest
Positive Character Traits: very honest, kind, fearless.
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Drink: Whiskey on the rocks.


Background and Concept

1.Raised as a proper Southern lady in New Orleans, LA. As a result, despite her profession, she attempts to carry herself with class.
2.Her mother was from a well-to-do, if slightly strange, family: the Biloxi Whatleys. Her father was a smooth talking salesman who was a well known and successful poker player. Her parents met at a local carnival and, well, one thing led to a shotgun wedding and that shotgun wedding led to her mother’s low status within the Whatley family.
3.Roxanne’s father, Remy, had a certain finesse with the cards. It’s not that he cheated, so much, as he manipulated the cards/players. He taught Roxanne many of the techniques that she knows today.
4.Roxanne’s mother, Marie, always resented her. It was Roxanne’s fault that she was seen as the family’s black sheep. As a result, Marie tried to make Roxanne into the most proper Southern lady possible, by force if necessary.
5.Roxanne has always had an uneasy feeling about her mother’s family. They just aren’t quite right. Her mother always tried to get her to play with the other Whatley children, especially her cousin Wilbur. Wilbur just set her hair on end. In her teen years, Roxanne began to hear talk that Wilbur married one of her other cousins, Lillian. Lillian died about three months after the wedding from very odd wounds to her abdomen. He then married her other cousin, Charlene, two months following. Charlene confided in Roxanne that she was afraid for her life. Charlene lasted a little longer, but died in childbirth a year later. After Charlene passed, there was talk between her parents about offering Roxanne’s hand in marriage to Wilbur. Her father was strangely against the arrangement and gave Roxanne a couple packs of cards, the family horse, and enough food for a week, sending her away. He would try to meet her in Portland and, from there, they would head north to Canada. She has not heard from her father in over a year.

1.Make it to Portland and find her father.
2.Expose the horrible secrets of the Whatley family, whatever they may be.


1.(Known) Roxanne’s father told her of a relatively unknown ghost rock mine in Portland. They’ll use the money they make from that mine to make their escape to Canada.
2.(Unknown) The Whatleys will not let Roxanne leave so easily. They’ve sent out several mercenaries/bounty hunters out to find her. They need Whatley genes (i.e. “keeping it in the family”) to keep their line pure. Roxanne’s mother was originally supposed to be Wilbur’s betrothed but she sullied her status before a union was possible. If Roxanne were to bear a child with another Whatley, it would be a hideous monster (which actually killed cousin Charlene).

1.(Friendly) Remy Butler—father, listed earlier.
2.(Helpful, but Indifferent) Jack Waters—bartender—Jack works at a saloon that Roxanne regularly hangs out in. He knows her secret poker techniques and keeps quiet…for a fee.
3.(Actively Hostile) Wilbur Whatley—cousin/betrothed, listed earlier.

Memories, Mannerisms, and Quirks

1.Along with winning poker hands, Roxanne also makes money by providing gentlemen with “special company”…or so they think. Roxanne is actually a virgin, and uses her abilities of manipulation to convince these men that they’ve had the time of their lives.
2.Roxanne is boisterous by nature, but has a habit of looking over her shoulder. Anyone with green eyes sets off bad feelings.
3.One of the best memories Roxanne has of her father is winning her first hand of poker against him, using her tricks…and not just the ones her father taught her.

Roxanne Butler

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